Before & After Dental Cleaning

Have you flipped the lip of your pet lately? 

Have you noticed difficulty earing or missing teeth?

Can you smell you pet's breath long before the give you a kiss?

If you are smelling bad breath or are seeing red swollen gums or yellow-brown crusts on your pet's teeth, then its time for a cleaning

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime... IF you take care of them.  Dental disease is NOT just bad breath.  It damages the heart & kidneys, causes infections in bones, joints, lungs & bladder.  At SunShine Animal Hospital we are one of the few animal hospitals to include dental X-rays with every cleaning.  A standard of care once only available to people, now available for your pet.

A dental cleaning starts with a physical exam to assess your pet's health.  Next a blood sample may be taken to perform preanesthetic blood tests.  A sedative is usually given to relax the pet & allow an IV-catheter to be placed.  A starting doe of pain medication is also given to reduce any discomfort after the cleaning.  The doctor will then administer a short acting IV anesthetic to allow an tracheal tube to be placed in you pet's windpipe and protect it against aspiration & to administer gas anesthesia.  A trained vet assistant will use an ultrasonic scaler to remove the tartar from all surface of the teeth as well as below the sensitive gums.  Once this is done, the doctor will then use a dental probe and dental x-rays to determine if there is any abnormalities present.  Once all the problem areas have been detected, a staff member may contact you if additional dental work is needed or you pet will be recovered from anesthesia.