Medicated Shampoos & Bathing

10,000 SqFt Exercise Yard

Bath Prices**:

       Weight                     Short-Hair             Long Hair

 Dog 1-25 Lbs        $19.00    $27.00  
 Dog26-50 Lbs   $22.00   $31.00
 Dog 51-75 Lbs   $26.00   $35.00
 Dog 76-100 Lbs   $29.00   $38.00
 Dog > 100Lbs   $36.00   $44.00
 Cats **   $19.00   $27.00

Boarding Prices:
 Dogs 1-25 Lb  $23.25
 Dogs 26-50 Lb  $25.75
 Dogs 51-75 Lb  $28.25
 Dogs Over 75 Lb  $30.50


Nail Trim:  $16.50 for clipping,

Nail Grinding:  $24.00

Anal Glands:  $25.00

Dematting:  $12.00/ 10-min

FEEDING:  We feed Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach- Adult formula.  Clients are free to bring their pet's food from home which we will feed instead of changing their diet.

SPECIAL DIETS:  If your pet is on a special diet, we encourage you to bring their food to prevent any possible stomach upset.  There is no extra charge for preparing special diets.  Our staff wants your pet to have a happy and healthy visit with us.

TOYS & BEDDING:  Pet owners are allowed to bring their pet's favorite treats, toys but remember space is limited so only bring a few.  We provide antibacterial bedding for our guest.  We advise leaving bedding at home as we are not able to launder these items if they become soiled.

EXERCISE:  Each dog or family of dogs are walked three times daily in our Spacious 10,000 square foot Exercise Yard.  Complete with Sunshades, balls & frisbees to catch.  All dogs are supervised 100% of the time when outside.  Each cat or family of cats is allowed out of their cage to either bask in the sun light or to play on the cat tree in the separate Cat Boarding Room.

MEDICATIONS:  If your pet is on medication, please bring it with them.  We will administer the medication according to the labeled directions.  There is a small additional fee to administer medication each time of day while your pet stays with us.

SPECIAL NEEDS BOARDING:  Occasionally, pets need extra attention over and above a routine "hotel stay" or simple med's. The very small, old or frail pet as well as pets with chronic but stable medical conditions need constant attention and care.  For these Special Needs Patients, we offer separate boarding which is under constant doctor or vet assistant attention & is away from the more active boarders.  We are able to assess their needs on a day-to-day basis, provide injectable medication as well as the extra love and attention that these most vulnerable pets need.

CHECK-OUT TIME:  Check-out time is 12-noon to avoid boarding charges for the day of departure.


Vaccines Required:  Up-to-date* vaccination for

Rabies,  FVRCPC and Feline Leukemia

*Administered by a veterinarians according to FDA directions


Cat Cage(3x2 Ft): $17.50/day

Cat Suite(2-connected cages):  $24.50/day

Long Hair price includes 10-min brush-out once dry.

​**Prices are for cooperative pets. Aggressive pets may require sedation at an additional fee.


10,000- SqFt Exercise Yard

​​​​Separate Cat Boarding

Indoor Runs with A/C


Vaccines Required:  Up-to-date* vaccination for Rabies, DHPP,  Bordatella & Canine Influenza. *Administered by a veterinarians according to FDA directions