At SunShine Animal Hospital, your pet's safety and success is of the utmost importance.  The level of patient care and safety is matched only by human medicine. Pre-surgical exam & blood tests, IV-fluids, tailored anesthesia, EKG monitor, blood oxygen and temp monitors, warm air blankets during surgery, continuous surgical assistant, individual post-op nurses are just some of the precautions EVERY pet receives at Sunshine Animal Hospital


Ensure your pet is protected from infectious disease with our vaccination services.  Our vaccine protocols provide your pets with the most immunity possible to prevent them from getting a disease, just like most people would want for their family.  We believe a pet shouldn't have to suffer with a "mild case" of parvo, hepatitis or feline leukemia if a yearly vaccination will prevent it!


We offer complete health plans for you new puppy or kitten. These plans include all needed vaccines for the first 6-months of live, complete physical exam at every vaccine visit, fist dose of heartworm prevention, a parasite check-up as well as spay or neuter once they are old enough... all at a savings of up to 50% off.  The health plan also includes discounts on boarding, microchip, future purchases of flea & tick medication as well as heartworm prevention.


Teeth are meant to last a lifetime... IF you take care of them.  Dental disease is NOT just bad breath.  It damages the heart & kidneys, causes infections in bones, joints, lungs & bladder.  At SunShine Animal Hospital we are one of the few animal hospitals to include dental X-rays with every cleaning.  A standard of care once only available to people, now available for your pet.


Our Adult & Senior Wellness Plans are able to find medical problems often undectable during a physical exam.  Problems that can be present but not yet showing symptoms.  Conditions that if caught early, can be easily treated, avoiding needless suffering or even save your pet's life.